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America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions are experts in cleaning and maintaining Fitness centers and Health clubs and over the years, have developed a system for cleaning these facilities that can be used in any club around the world guaranteeing a 100% cleanliness turnaround in ONE day. This specialized cleaning program has given us the opportunity over the years to develop strong and loyal relationships with wonderful individuals and companies, within the Fitness center and Health club industry. We work closely with onsite managers to provide seamless service including FREE 24/7 service calls to handle your every cleaning need! We continuously seek ways to improve our service, leaving your potential clients and existing members the cleanest and most comfortable environment so they too can exceed their goals. Through years of extensive research in the field, gathering vast knowledge of the industry and its cleaning needs through both owner and client interaction, America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions have perfected and exceeded owner/client expectations when it comes to their sanitary needs in the Fitness center and Health club industry. Cleanliness is the main factor when potential clients tour a facility and acts as a FIRST impression in any Fitness center or Health club. Although creating the best first impression can come at a high cost, we here at America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions strive to save you money by reducing and even eliminating unnecessary cleaning costs. We use only the best materials and integrate the use of our microfiber no touch, color coded, non-cross contamination cleaning system into each of our facilities. Our cleaning system is specifically designed for your club and even more important, for the entire industry. If you currently own or are seeking to open a Fitness center or Health club facility, consider America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions for all your cleaning needs!

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Additional Services:

Air Quality in our Fitness centers and Health clubs is a top priority. Poor indoor air quality can be a critical issue in any fitness environment. As your guests’ exercise, they take in more breath through the mouth, bypassing the body’s natural filtration system in the nose. This form of breathing results in pollutants going deeper in the lungs, increasing respiratory distress while decreasing the overall quality of their workout. Our high intensity dusting procedures along with our air quality treatment removes years of dust and trapped contaminants within the rafters, vents and any surface that traps dust, eliminating any chance of unwanted airborne pathogens, some which could contain Legionnaires disease, as we have seen recently in Fitness centers and Health clubs across the US.

Tile Flooring and Restoration

Tile Flooring and Grout Restoration in the restrooms and lobby area are important in achieving and maintaining physical and visual cleanliness. We scrub and clean, disinfect and restore your tile. Our process removes dirt and disease carrying pathogens from the tile as well as porous grout areas, which harbor harmful bacteria. This service makes a wonderful impression on both your potential as well as existing members. Fitness Top Five Dirty Club Areas ranked Flooring 2nd when ranking areas of importance when it came to cleaning. Our company has never had a Fitness center nor Health club on such list and we strive to maintain and exceed that excellence standard!

Very professional, very thorough cleaning. They always meet our expectations and we’re always very impressed with the results. We hire them on a regular schedule and we’re extremely happy with our working relationship.

Angela D

Coral Springs, FL

Rubber Floor Restoration:

Many Health clubs choose rubber flooring in several varieties based on look, comfort and cost point. With all its upsides, rubber flooring can be hard to clean and sanitize properly, which is where our experts come in! America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions have developed a one of kind system, providing your floors with deep reconditioning that disinfects by getting into the pores of its material and killing bacteria. This process not only disinfects but it restores your rubber flooring to a fresh, new look while extending its lifespan 10-15 years!

Shower Tile, Restroom and Club Tile, Restroom Countertops sealing

Most Fitness centers and Health clubs are adorned with beautiful bathroom and shower facilities. Unfortunately, many times the tile in these facilities have not been sealed. Because there is not a protective seal between and your tile, grout, countertops and the hard water, a buildup occurs in the porous grout creating unsightly stains that members complain about. A large oversight in this industry lies underneath urinals due to the grout not being sealed and the contaminates being at their highest, trapping odor as well as bacteria. These issues cannot be solved with standard mopping but require protection and preservation. Fitness Top Five Dirty Club Areas ranked Shower, Restroom and Locker areas 5th when ranking areas of importance when it came to cleaning. Our company has never had a Fitness center nor Health club on such list and we strive to maintain and exceed that excellence standard!

Our promise is simple, we strive to exceed your expectations while maintaining a professional and positive relationship with our clients, improving their relationship with their own.

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