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Cleaning goes beyond creating a feel good space for yourself, your employees, your clients and your customers. Cleaning maintains a healthy environment to foster relationships and provides a platform to perform engaging and meaningful activities. Apart from the human aspect, regular cleaning and maintenance is a preventative measure to save on future costs that would arise on expensive replacements and repairs if neglected. Imagine a stained carpet, image the accumulation of bacteria; imagine the suffering air quality; imagine a trusted team of experienced professionals that make sure you focus on your dreams and goals in a safe, pure and clean environment.


Our unique cleaning process developed through countless cleans on a variety of floorplans allows us a quick turnaround with a quality clean. We use the best products integrating the use of microfiber no touch, color coded, non-cross contaminating cleaning system in each space.

Our cleaning services extend to fitness centers, offices, restaurants, spas and medical facilities amongst many other general and specialized spaces.

The following is a list of services we offer:

Commercial Cleaning

A high quality service where we provide general cleaning, trash disposal, vacuuming, breakroom cleaning, bathroom cleaning and other services to leave your spaces clean and refreshed.

Air Quality Treatment

A high intensity dusting procedure removes years of dust and trapped contaminants within the rafters, vents and any surface that traps dust- eliminating airborne pathogens and pollutants to create a healthy breathing environment.

Tile Flooring and Restoration

A deep disinfecting scrub that restores tile by removing dirt and disease from the tiles and porous grout to provide a wonderful, clean and lasting impression.

Rubber Floor Restoration

A best in class solution for rubber floors with deep reconditioning that also kills bacteria in the pores of the rubber material. This process disinfects and restores your rubber flooring to a fresh, new look while extending its lifespan 10-15 years!

Shower Tile, Restroom and Club Tile, Restroom Countertops Sealing

A protective sealing between tiles, grout and countertops is necessary to prevent the build-up of hard water to avoid unsightly staining. This service extends to the protection of the spaces underneath urinals where contaminants are at their highest trapping odor and bacteria.


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America’s Number 1 Cleaning Solutions is a commercial cleaning company with over 30 years of experience servicing the state of Florida- with a focus on quality and quick turnaround times. 

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